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2009 /2010 saw the largest operational change in the North Haven Fire Department in 40 years. The department was the recipient of a SAFER grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The grant allowed the department to expand its career firefighting force for the first time since 1972. The grant, coupled with the overwhelming community support during a budget referendum to accept the grant, also allowed the fire department to begin to provide paramedic level services to the residents and visitors of North Haven. The Town of North Haven hired four Firefighter / Paramedics in September 2009. The four new hires were sent to CT Fire Academy to be cross trained as certified firefighters. They returned to North Haven on December 18, 2009 and fire based paramedic service began on December 31, 2009.

With the addition of personnel, the North Haven Fire Department is currently made up of 34 career firefighters. Headquarters Company is located at 11 Broadway. The station houses the administrative offices of the Fire Chief / Fire Marshal and the Deputy Fire Chief / Deputy Fire Marshal. Assigned to headquarters are 4 Lieutenants, who serve as shift commanders, and 28 firefighters. The three volunteer companies are Montowese Company #2, 282 Quinnipiac Avenue, West Ridge Company # 3, 1331 Ridge Road and Northeast Company # 4, 366 Washington Avenue. The companies are allowed up to 35 firefighters including fire police. The companies are supervised through the office of the Fire Chief. Officers in the volunteer company consist of a Captain, 2 Lieutenants and 2 Foreman. The Fire– Police division are supervised by a town wide Fire Police lieutenant and by a Fire – Police 2nd Lieutenant assigned to each company. Fire –Police are supervised by the volunteer company captains and fall under the jurisdiction of the Chief of the Department. The North Haven Fire Department also has one administrative
assistant assigned to the department.

Also, through a second successful grant from FEMA the North Haven Fire Department received 1500 smoke
detectors. All of our towns firefighters participated in a campaign titled North Haven Cares and canvassed our
entire town looking for homes void of working smoke detectors. We knocked on the door of every home in North Haven and inquired about the presence of working smoke detection. Through the efforts of all of our firefighters, both career and volunteer, we issued 1,343 smoke detectors to residents that were in need of them. This life saving program was directly related to the commitment of our department members in making sure our residents are as safe as they possibly can be.

The training of firefighters is a priority of the fire service. All permanent members of the North Haven Fire Department, both career and volunteer, are minimally certified to the Firefighter I level. All of our firefighters are trained to respond to fire and rescue situations, and our career firefighters are trained to handle medical emergencies through the paramedic level. Training sessions were held daily by our career fire staff through
a schedule put out by the office of the chief. The sessions are taught and supervised by the commanding officer.
Training in the volunteer companies is conducted weekly. There are mandatory training sessions held to be certain
firefighters maintain the skill levels needed. Other training sessions are held to familiarize department members
with specialized equipment. Classes are always held on skill levels from basic through technical to allow all of our
members to remain proficient in their responsibilities. Subject matter experts have been retained to deliver
specialized information to all of our members. Internal certification classes were conducted in Firefighter I and
Firefighter II curriculum to maintain and increase the skill level and credentials of our members. Four (4) members
of our department are trained to the Hazardous Material Technician level and have been assigned to the regional
Haz-Mat team (NHASH). They continually participate in regularly scheduled drills on a regional level to maintain
a high skill level.

The Office of the Fire Marshal continues to be busy with both new developments and existing annual inspections. Licensing inspections for day cares, liquor establishments, group homes, educational facilities and places of assembly are done on an annual basis. Plan review is conducted for any new building or any renovation to be sure that the building design meets compliance with the CT Fire Safety Code.

The North Haven Fire Department apparatus fleet consists of 7 pumping engines, 1 aerial ladder truck, 2 emergency rescue trucks and 2 command vehicles. In addition, a small boat is available to aid us in water rescues and other functions on our rivers and ponds, an operations trailer has been added to accommodate specialized equipment and a “Gator” is available to us to assist in off road incidents.

Public education continues to be a major initiative starting in the day care centers and elementary schools and continuing up to civic groups, businesses and senior organizations. The knowledge gained from these educational opportunities helps us to maximize our service and our commitment to you. The North Haven Fire Department offers a variety of educational brochures that cover most safety topics.

The Fire Department, as always, proudly partners with all other Town departments, including the Board of Education, to continue to provide exceptional services to the citizenry that we serve. We are still very proud to partner with the North Haven American Legion in providing flag drop off points at our volunteer fire stations for the convenience of our residents. Residents can drop their flag in the red, white and blue containers located at the front of our three (3) volunteer fire stations.


Fire Statistics

Statistics for fiscal year of

July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010:

114 Fires

3,076 Medical Alarms
157 Hazardous Conditions
349 Service Calls

434 Good Intent Calls

404 False Alarms/ Accidentals

8 Special Calls

Specific things you can do to help us include the following:

  1. Use and maintain your smoke detectors properly. Change the batteries twice a year, in spring and fall, when you change the clocks!
  2. Abide by the Town ordinance regarding house numbering. House numbers must be at least 3" high. If your home is more than 50' from the street, the number must be at the curb!
  3. After snow storms, please help us by shoveling out the hydrant nearest your residence.

Use the following guide when calling 911:

  1. Clearly state the address of the incident.
  2. Clearly state the problem. (i.e. Fire, Medical Emergency)
  3. Clearly speak your name.
  4. Give as much detail about the incident as possible.
  5. If the incident is an Emergency Medical call, you may be asked to stay on the phone for instructions on how you can help.
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