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Assessor Information

The Assessor’s Office is responsible for maintaining the property and assessment records for the town which include the Grand List, Property Record Cards, assessment maps, motor vehicle values and commercial personal property values.

The Assessor’s Office is also responsible for administering state and local tax relief programs for taxpayers. These
include: Veterans, Disabled and Blind exemptions, Senior Homeowner and Volunteer Firefighter credits, Senior Renters rebates and exemptions for Commercial Motor Vehicles and Industrial Machinery & Equipment.

The Grand List is a record of all taxable and tax-exempt property in the town. The Assessor must complete the Grand List each year and file it with the Town Clerk by January 31 and with the State of Connecticut by March 31.

A complete revaluation, with a full inspection program, was completed for the October 1, 2009 Grand List.


Certified Grand List as of January 31, 2013

$ 1,817,709,353
$ 376,102,350
$ 261,191,333
Motor Vehicles
$ 209,808,992
Personal Property
$ 268,049,040
Gross Grand List
$ 2,932,861,067
Exemptions and Credits
$ 135,136,154
Net (Taxable) Grand List
$ 2,797,724,913


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