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VIEW & PAY YOUR TAX BILLS ONLINE: Click this link, and you will be directed to the Town of North Haven Tax Collector's new view and pay system. QUESTIONS? Please contact the Tax Collector's office at 203-239-5321 x 620. (Please note, the Tax Collector no longer accepts Sewer Use Fee payments).



*2014 ANNUAL REPORT -- Tax Collector’s office*

J. Stacey Yarbrough, Town Clerk/Tax Collector


The Tax Collector’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the collection of all real estate, personal property, and motor vehicle tax bills, as well as sewer assessment.

Up-to-date procedures are utilized in the Tax Collector’s office so that individual taxpayers, attorneys, title searchers, and real estate agents may have accurate, precise information which is both vital and necessary for real estate and personal property transactions. Much time is spent in the Tax Collector’s office with title searchers and attorneys reviewing taxes and other assessments pertaining parcels of property so that the proper adjustments are made at the time of closing, and tax time. 

The Tax Collector’s office staff also works closely with the Town Clerk’s office, Assessor’s office, Finance Department and the various offices of the Public Works Department to ensure that all information related to property records is current and correct.

When taxes remain unpaid, Delinquency Notices, Tax Collector Demands, and for Real Estate taxes, Intent to Lien notices are issued in advance of the placement of liens upon the subject property, in the land records of the Town Clerk’s office.   After payment has been made, liens are released (yet never nearly never removed, as they become a permanent recorded document).  When motor vehicle taxes are not paid in a timely manner, by State statute, the Tax Collector must deliver to the Motor Vehicle Department a list of all those who are delinquent. This allows the DMV to deny renewal or new registration for that individual or business until payment of delinquent taxes is made in full.  The Tax Collector and her staff make every effort to collect the highest percentage of the Grand List, especially in these difficult financial times.  When it becomes necessary, the Tax Collector has the following tools to effectuate increased tax collection:

  • Foreclosure of Liens (Sale/Strict)
  • Alias Tax Warrants
  • Tax Collector’s Tax Sales
  • Tax Lien Assignments
  • Jeopardy Collection
  • Secretary of State business liens
  • Denial/Revocation of Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Denial/Revocation of Health Department Certification

For the Fiscal Year 2013 - 2014, North Haven’s tax collection rate was set at approximately 98 % of the Grand Levy -- the total amount collectible from the Grand List. The Grand Levy is the total of all taxes due on a grand list after the mill rate has been applied to determine the tax. The Grand List is a list of all taxable property in the Town of North Haven, as of October 1 of each tax year. The Assessor develops the Grand List. The total value of the Grand List is a factor in determining the Mill Rate for each fiscal year. The Mill Rate is the tax rate, or in other words, it is the tax rate to be calculated, per dollar of assessed value of property,, wherein one “mill” is one-tenth of a cent ($0.001).

Through the diligent efforts of the Tax Collector and her staff, the Town has been very successful in the collection of taxes (including interest and fees), which is the major source of Town revenue.




  • JULY 1:              First-half Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills due; Motor Vehicle tax bill due in full. 


  • JANUARY 1:    Second-half Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills due (NO REMINDER NOTICE

                                         SENT); Supplemental Motor Vehicle tax bill is due in full.


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