The early history of the Town of North Haven is recorded in the history of the colonization of the Town of New Haven. In 1714, Rev. James Pierpont had left land in his will designated for a meeting house, burying ground, market place, and training ground. Meanwhile in the New Haven colony, as the number of settlers grew, the wants and needs of the settlers diverged; and therefore tracts of land were measured and apportioned among the planters, dividing the New Haven settlement. These tracts were called "Divisions" and the "Third, Fourth and Fifth Divisions" would become our Town of North Haven. On October 19, 1786, North Haven became a separate and distinct town; and the first town meeting was held on the second Tuesday of November 1786 at the Meeting House which had been willed by Rev. James Pierpont.

The first brickyard on the continent had been found here in North Haven when Theophilus Eaton had found clay on his property on the west side of the Quinnipiac River. The brickyard continues to play an important role in the development and history of North Haven. The Town of North Haven is proud to have been included in Money Magazine’s top 100 places to live in the USA in 2007. We currently have an approximate population of 23,981 (2011), our residents’ median household income ($81,789 in 2010) is 20 percent greater than the state average and 62 percent of residents have a post high school education. We are a healthy commercial, retailing, and manufacturing base which employed approximately 18,856 people in 2011. There are more than 1,000 highly diversified manufacturing and commercial firms in North Haven, 40 of which are assessed at over $1,000,000.

We have five industrial parks containing 490 acres, and boast corporate community members such as Covidien (United States Surgical), United Aluminum, Connecticut Container, and O.F. Mossberg Firearms. We are also proud to have Quinnipiac University, Gateway Community College, and Yale-New Haven Hospital located in town. With an excellent parks system and a wide variety of housing from modest to magnificent, North Haven has become an eminent place to reside – as well as do business.