Quinnipiack Valley Health District

Disaster Safety Files from the Quinnipiack Valley Health District

Quinnipiack Valley Health District (QVHD) is the public health department for the towns of Bethany, Hamden, North Haven and Woodbridge. It is the obligation of this Department to insure that the Public Health Code and the laws and ordinances established by the State Legislature and local governments are enforced. QVHD also has the responsibility to promote personal and environmental health and safety for each and every resident of this community.

The Environmental Health Section of the District insures compliance with laws, codes, and ordinances through the services it provides. Data for FY 13-14 for North Haven: There were 551 inspections as follows: 69 inspections made for sewage disposal; 1 inspections for water supply control; 291 food service inspections; 60 cosmetology inspections; 71 complaint investigations, 14 lead investigations; all other inspections (day cares, schools, motels, public pools, Healthy Homes) equaled 34. There were 4 legal orders for correction of a problem were issued. 7 planning and zoning reports were prepared. 496 permits/licenses were issued during this same time period as follows:

18 Septic, 6 wells, 28 additions, 15 public pools, 361 food service, 2 motels, and 66 salons/barbers.  43 trucks were inspected by this office.

Community Health Services are provided based on State mandated services, measures of health of community residents, the interests of community residents and current emerging health issues. QVHD staff participate in local and regional initiatives/committees on pertinent health issues, such as asthma and obesity. Information on current health issues was provided through 48 health articles appearing in local newspapers. 1 issue of Qvhd-Tips, a Family Health Letter, was made available electronically. Surveillance and follow-up was provided for 154 cases of reportable disease and/or outbreaks. Healthy Home inspections were made available to residents. A pertussis prevention program for contacts of infants was also available to North Haven residents who are contacts of infants less than one year old. QVHD continued to work with the town for emergency planning for any adverse event. A Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) was established. QVHD staff also participated in local and regional health emergency drills. A community focus group was held for input into the health of the community. In addition, residents were invited to attend a "Severe Weather Event: Informational Session." For information related to any health issue, residents can call 203 248-4528 or visit our website, www.qvhd.org. QVHD is located at 1151 Hartford Turnpike, North Haven, CT. Greater detail on the above data is available upon request.