2019 Revaluation

Questions & Answers about the North Haven 2019 Revaluation

What is a Revaluation?

Why is the Town revaluing all properties?

What happens during a Revaluation?

What is Fair Market Value?

Will this mean the Town is going to collect more taxes as a result of Revaluation?

My assessment is different than the true value of my property. Does this mean I am over or under assessed?

How is the Mill Rate established?

What qualifications do the Appraisers have?

What is an informal hearing?

How will the homeowner be notified of the new assessment?

How will eQuality Valuation Services appraise my property?

How will I know if my assessment is equitable?

If I disagree with my assessment after a hearing, what are my options?

When will the reassessment first appear in tax bills?

What about elderly and veterans exemptions?