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Assessor15 documents

  • 2024 Income Expense Form
    document _recordid 601
    document _recordid 489
  • Antique, Rare or Special Interest Motor Vehicles
    document _recordid 430
  • Application for Board of Assessment Appeals
    document _recordid 139
  • Application for Board of Assessment Appeals Motor Vehicles
    document _recordid 138
  • Change of Name and/or Address Form
    document _recordid 136
  • M39 Forest Application
    document _recordid 135
  • M29 Farm Application
    document _recordid 134
  • M3 Quadrennial Form for Tax-Exempt Organizations
    document _recordid 132
  • Unregistered Motor Vehicle Form / Out of State Registration
    document _recordid 131
  • Physicians Certificate of Total and Permanent Disability
    document _recordid 129
  • Ambulatory Motor Vehicle Exemption Application
    document _recordid 127
  • Totally Disabled Exemption Application
    document _recordid 125
  • Active-Duty Military Exemption Form for Non-Connecticut Residents
    document _recordid 123
  • Active-Duty Military Exemption Form for Connecticut Residents
    document _recordid 121

Personal Property6 documents

  • Affidavit of Business Termination or Move or Sale of Business or Property
    document _recordid 145
  • 2023 GL M-65 Manufacturing & Equipment Exemption Claim Form
    document _recordid 144
  • M-65 Commercial Vehicle Exemption Form
    document _recordid 143
  • 2023 GL Personal Property Full Form
    document _recordid 142
  • Farm Machinery Exemption Form
    document _recordid 141
    document _recordid 140

Economic Development Tax Incentive2 documents

  • Town Ordinance for Economic Development Tax Incentive
    document _recordid 147
  • Tax Incentive Application
    document _recordid 146