Pursuant to Connecticut State Statutes Section 47a-42, municipalities are required to remove and store a tenant’s property upon eviction.  The following is a link to the statute:
The Community Services Department is required by law to store the goods resulting from evictions within the Town of North Haven for fifteen (15) days after an eviction has occurred. Goods are stored in a selected storage facility in town.
Legal questions regarding evictions should be directed to the State Marshal handling the case or to the Court.  
To schedule a pickup of your personal belongings stored by the Town, please call Rob Snurkowski at Community Services at (203) 239-5321 extension 502.
Importantly, please note that subsection (c) of the statute provides that: “Whenever the possessions and personal effects of a defendant are removed by a state marshal under this section, such possessions and effects shall be delivered by such marshal to the designated place of storage. Such removal, delivery and storage shall be at the expense of the defendant. If such possessions and effects are not reclaimed by the defendant and the expense of such storage is not paid to the chief executive officer within fifteen days after such eviction, the chief executive officer shall sell the same at public auction, after using reasonable efforts to locate and notify the defendant of such sale and after posting notice of such sale for one week on the public signpost nearest to the place where the eviction was made, if any, or at some exterior place near the office of the town clerk. The chief executive officer shall deliver to the defendant the net proceeds of such sale, if any, after deducting a reasonable charge for storage of such possessions and effects. If the defendant does not demand the net proceeds within thirty days after such sale, the chief executive officer shall turn over the net proceeds of the sale to the town treasury.
State Marshals:
Notice of evictions must be made twenty-four (24) hours in advance by statute. 
Please be aware that the storage facility that the Town of North Haven uses does not open until 9:30 AM weekdays.  Therefore, you will need to coordinate your moving company accordingly.  Please also note that the Town reserves the right to refuse any furnishings or goods that appear to be visibly soiled by insects, rodents, etc. in order to not pose any risk of contamination to the unit or other units in the storage facility.
For more information or to schedule your eviction, please contact Rob Snurkowski at (203) 239-5321 extension 502.