Sanitation Regulations

Sanitation regulations

  1. Refuse must be at the curb by 5:00 A.M.
  2. Containers must be in clear view, preferably at the curb.
  3. Refuse containers should be thirty(30) gallon containers with handles.
  4. Sanitation Division personnel will collect three(3) such containers.
  5. Refuse containers must NOT weigh more than seventy-five(75) pounds.
  6. If snow accumulation is two(2) inches or more, containers must be placed at the curb or a path from the curb to the containers must be cleared.
  7. Loose or carelessly placed refuse will not be collected.
  8. Cardboard boxes, grocery bags and/or wastepaper baskets are NOT to be used as refuse containers.
  9. Branches/wood must be cut into 3 to 4 foot lengths, bundled and securely tied.
  10. Two(2) bundles will be collected each week.
  11. Carpet must be rolled up, cut into 3 to 4 foot lengths, and securely tied. Carpet is NOT a bulk item.
  12. Pool covers must be cut, rolled up and securely tied. Pool covers are NOT a bulk item.
  13. All hazardous waste, demolition materials, propane tanks, car and truck parts and truck/tractor tires, trees stumps, sand, dirt, sod and yard waste will NOT be collected curbside. Call Field Operations at (203) 239-5321 x410 for disposal instructions.
  14. Proper disposal of hypodermic syringes:The Quinnipiac Valley Health District advise that syringes should be placed in a clean, empty, wide mouthed, one gallon or smaller bleach container. When 2/3 full the container should be securely capped and discarded with the normal refuse. For more information go to or call (203) 248-4528.
  15. Trash containers must be returned to their storage location, not visible from the street, within 24 hours of collection.