Redistricting of State Senatorial Districts

The Reapportionment Commission has approved and submitted to the office of the Secretary of the State, the Plan of Redistricting for the state of Connecticut.  The Secretary of the State published this Plan forthwith on November 11, 2021 and, upon publication, such Plan of Districting has the full force of law (Article XXVI of the Amendments to the Constitution of the State of Connecticut).    

Below please find the link for the 2021 Senate Redistricting Plan.  The redistricting commission has now published the House and Senate plans.

Be it known that in accordance with this latest redistricting, all North Haven voters are now in one Senatorial District.  Those individuals who were formerly in District 3-11 with Senator Martin Looney have been redistricted to District 34, with Senator Paul Cicarella.   

All individuals who were in District 3-11 will continue to vote at Ridge Road School except for the Budget Referendum which is held for all districts at the Recreation Center.

Any questions or for additional information, please contact the Registrar of Voters office at 203-2395321 x640.