On July 14, 2022, the State of Connecticut has declared a Stage 2 drought condition throughout all 8 counties.   Residents and businesses across the state are being asked to take the following voluntary actions to conserve water:

– Discontinue the irrigation of lawns and gardens;
– Postpone planting of any new lawns or vegetation;
– Minimize overall water use by fixing leaky plumbing and fixtures; and
– Discontinue washing vehicles and/or equipment.

Due to high temperatures and minimal precipitation, these measures will become mandatory if we do not act immediately.

Rest assured, North Haven has an adequate supply of water for drinking and fire suppression but due to these extremely high demands for water, residents may experience occasionally discolored water.

North Haven wants you all to be aware that we are:


  • Monitoring local conditions and being a point of contact to transmit/receive information to/from state or federal agencies.
  • Staying educated on the water needs of North Haven and our local environment.
  • In tune with local resources most susceptible to drought, including fire suppression supplies, local agriculture, rivers and streams, private or community water supply wells, etc.
  • Working closely with the Regional Water Authority who supplies 70% of North Haven with drinking water and we continue to familiarize ourselves with their water supply plan.


July is traditionally a time when outdoor water use (both human-use and ecological-use) increases drastically, particularly with outdoor watering.  The increased demands paired with the increasing likelihood of heat waves and dry spells means that now is an ideal time to ensure that our procedures are reviewed and updated as needed.


Thank you all in advance for your voluntary cooperation.