Except in the thick of winter, when inclement weather may make driving difficult, Connecticut is essentially a year-round destination. July averages in the mid 80s F/29 C, with some days in the 90s F/32-34 C. Humidity is occasionally high. Evening lows range from 56 F/12 C in the northwest to 63 F/17 C on the coast. Generally, coastal areas are cooler in summer and warmer in winter than inland locations, particularly the hilly northwestern region. The weather changes quickly, however. Expect clouds and precipitation to alternate with sunshine several times a week.

Travelers seeking fall foliage at its peak (around the second week of October) can call the state tourism bureau for information on which communities are getting the most brilliantly colored leaves. October is glorious and drier than most other times. Daytime temperatures in October run in the mid to high 60s F/20 C, with nights dropping into the 40s F/4 C. Do take a sweater or jacket for fall or summer evenings. Snow can fall any time from December to March.