Affordable Housing Plan Advisory Committee

To comply with Connecticut General Statutes Section 8-30j, all Connecticut municipalities must prepare and adopt an affordable housing plan by June 1, 2022, and every five years thereafter. The following is a link to Chapter 126a of the General Statutes, which includes Section 8-30j:

Chapter 126a also includes Section 8-30g which contains the affordable housing land use appeals procedure. To be exempt from the procedure, ten percent (10%) of all dwelling units in a municipality must meet the requirements identified in Section 8-30g(k). Currently 5.96% of North Haven’s housing stock is deemed affordable.  See the 2020 Affordable Housing Appeals List at

The North Haven Board of Selectmen appointed an Affordable Housing Plan Advisory Committee to assist the Board in preparation of the 2022-27 North Haven Affordable Housing Plan. Community input is crucial to the process of developing the Town’s Plan.

To obtain direct input, a Housing Plan Survey is being prepared and will be distributed. The Survey will be open for two weeks following its release. Paper copies of the Survey will be available at the Town Hall, at the Community Services Department in the Town Hall Annex, the Library, and the Senior Center and by calling the First Selectmen’s Office at (203) 239-5321. By completing the Survey, you will help the Town to identify and understand the shared housing needs and desires of North Haven residents’ and non-residents interested in moving to North Haven, and ultimately, you will support the Board of Selectmen in establishing appropriate housing goals for our Town and in implementing a plan to meet those goals.

Residents and other interested persons can also attend Committee meetings and provide their comments on housing matters and are encouraged to do so. Meeting agendas, minutes, and recordings are available through the links to the left by year. Anticipated upcoming 2022 meeting dates include:  January 19th and 31st, February 2nd, and March 9th. All Committee meetings begin at 6:00 PM and are held both in person and remotely via Zoom videoconference and dial in conference call, unless otherwise noticed.

To assist the municipalities with preparation of their respective plans, the Connecticut Department of Housing and Regional Plan Association issued an “Affordable Housing Plan and Process Guidebook,” which contains suggested content for an affordable housing plan.  The following is a link to the Guidebook:

Before the Board of Selectmen takes any action, the draft Affordable Housing Plan will be shared on the Town website and a public hearing will be held before the Board. 

UPCOMING MEETINGS: All meetings begin at 6:00 pm and are hybrid meetings being held at the Library Community Room and via Zoom videoconference and conference call. 

Tuesday, March 8th
Tuesday, March 15th (This will be a joint meeting with the Planning and Zoning Commission)
Wednesday, March 23rd
Thursday, March 31st